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Why VoteSharp? Learn how this came to be.

Communications Tracking Email

You receive an email from Bob Smith. He’s frustrated with your lack of support for an issue. When you reply, simply carbon copy the system. The text of Bob’s email – with your response – is automatically added to his file in your database.

In-Person & Phone Call

You run into Bob at a restaurant. He thanks you for supporting the bill, sharing how it has impacted his business. He mentions his mother is in poor health and will be moving in soon. You describe this exchange in your VoteSharp™ file for Bob.

Relationship Building

• You see Bob a few months later at the grocery store, you take a quick look at his file and remember to ask about his mother.
• Note & email text is keyword searchable, so when Bob’s measure passes, you can send Bob – and other constituents concerned about the same issue – a follow-up note.


During the height of constituent communications season, you can track what is important in each voting household and know what issues to highlight or avoid when approaching their door during the campaign.


Track the amount a constituent has given, as well as where they are in the giving cycle – are they at their max or should you contact them for another ask?

Data Sharing

Are you buddies with the state or local elected colleagues representing your district? If they are VoteSharp™ subscribers – and with mutual permission – you can share data to learn more about the door on which you are about to knock.


VoteSharp™ provides the most up-to-date voter registration updates during the year, maximizing the timing to ensure you have the best list for the upcoming campaign.

Security & Confidentiality

Your VoteSharp™ subscription allows for all-access and partial-access users to allow volunteers to canvass or call.
Sharp Connections, LLC cannot view or edit passwords or data.

More Cool Features

Voter Quality Search

Need to communicate with primary election voters? Maybe you need to find all voters with any history of voting in Spring elections. You decide the parameters, VoteSharp™ puts the list in the palm of your hand.


Imagine no more piles of spreadsheets in your garage, no printing hassles! You choose the type of voter you want to target. The system will recognize where you are and provide the most efficient route to the doors which meet your target criteria.

Yard Sign Map

Addresses making your eyes cross? Have your signs “disappeared” from their yards? Plot yard sign locations on a GPS map for easy driving routes – great for volunteer sign captains!


Non-Constituent Data

Add & track communications and donations from outside-the-district donors & supporters.



Need a Feature – Just Ask!

This is a homegrown product with the help of state senators, representatives, school board and city council members. Let me know if I can tailor a feature to meet the needs of your race!