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Welcome back! I am very excited to announce the mobile version of the VoteSharp application is ready for door-to-door season! In the next few slides, I’ll walk through the options in each screen. This screen is pretty easy – log in to your account. When you subscribe to the app, I pair your login with the district to which you are subscribed, so you have access to every voter in your district.

The most efficient way to walk doors is to narrow down your list of voters to those most likely to vote in your upcoming election. For example, in a Republican or Democrat primary election, you want to search for voters with a history of voting in 2 of the last 3 primary elections. The Secretary of State’s office only maintains the last 10 elections in which a voter has voted. Moving forward, VoteSharp will not “drop” any elections but will maintain the entire history. Thus, you will notice there is no “3 of 3” option because there have been so many elections since 2006 (3 election cycles ago), that your heaviest voters would not qualify for a 3-of-3 list due to how many times they have voted.

My FAVORITE screen! What you can’t see from this screenshot is the pins falling out of the sky. Great visual! Each of these pins represents a home with a voter meeting your search criteria. This view also eliminates the need for precinct maps, or breadcrumbs in winding subdivisions!

Click on a red pin to view how many voters in the household meet your criteria, and select the home to view the voter information. In this home (mine), you see two voters. Click on the voter for which you want to enter data – the person you saw at the store, their door, church, etc.

This view includes the Secretary of State’s official voter record for that voter (updated 3-4 times per year), as well as data you collect. At the bottom, you’ll see Communications and Email History with that voter, as well as an “Add Communication” screen.

Add Communication is where your door-walking and door-to-door team play a role. You can also use this screen when you see voters around town, or they aren’t at home and you leave literature behind.

The final screen allows you to view your email or other communications history with that voter to learn more about their favorable and unfavorable issues before meeting them.

Easy peasy! We have a number of subscriptions available in the beta before it goes live on the Apple App Store, so get yours today!

Call me for more information – 913-256-5862.