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For years I have thought “there must be an easier way” to campaign, track voter issues/interests and communicate with constituents. Everything I wanted as a candidate and elected official just didn’t exist in one affordable* package. So I created one. VoteSharp™ is a web application combining the voter database with a communications tool that helps you communicate to microtarget, build relationships, and campaign without all the hassle. If you are tired of cumbersome campaign walk & mail lists and using your “Sent” mail as a communications record in Topeka, this product is for you.

The VoteSharp™ page on this site (www.SharpConnections.biz/votesharp-app) includes the basic details of the program. Sign up for a free trial (contact form to the right of this text) – I am available at your convenience to walk you through it in person or on the phone. It is that simple to use, yet it does so much. Imagine combining the reams of data from years of walking lists, yard sign maps, donor files, and a record of every communication you have had with voters – all in one place. This internet-accessible application puts the best microtargeting tools at your fingertips on the campaign trail, the House floor, or the City Council chambers.

I look forward to sharing this exciting development with you and helping improve your communication with the public you serve.

*Pricing is based on the number of registered voters (not constituents) in your Kansas Senate, House, School Board or City Council district. Contact me for additional information.