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So by now you’ve read on this site about the VoteSharp™ application and many have either subscribed or are playing with the service in a trial form. It has been a fun few weeks for me as I’ve met with dozens of state and local elected officials and candidates and walked them through the program. What makes my day is to see the physical change in someone’s eyes when they realize how much they could do and how much easier this will make their job.

Geographically, my primary focus has been in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties, simply due to proximity to home. However, I’ve conducted a number of small group demonstrations in Lawrence and Topeka when legislators have been there for meetings. If you will be in the Topeka/Lawrence/KC area, give me a call and I would be happy to give you a demo.

Or… check out a brief tutorial right here! The VoteSharp™ application is accessible from any internet-capable device, but is difficult to explain on the phone or via email. Furthermore, individual meetings are difficult to schedule for people who are already over-committed. In order to introduce the system to elected officials far and wide, I created a 5-minute video tutorial of the basic functionality of the program, and will soon be posting a secondary tutorial on few creative ways to use the program. We will continue to update these tutorials as more and more features and functions are added. Please call or email me with any questions!

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