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During non-election years, your state constituent communications allotment is to be used by December 31. During my first session in 2003, I had already started The Sharp Record and was having success in communicating with constituents via email. Because using technology was a cheaper and more immediate communications option, I was opposed to using state funds to send mail to constituents. However, I wanted to expand my email list to reduce my overall dependence on postal mail for both official and campaign purposes.

So I came up with an alternative to the standard end-of-session newsletter or pre-session survey: a postcard driving voters to a survey on my website. You can print and mail thousands more postcards to constituents than another format communication. I created an online survey and provided a link on the postcard, requiring an email address to complete the survey, and encouraged mailing addresses to verify the voter lived in my district. Not providing a mailing address was not a dealbreaker, but this allowed me to separate out the voters from the out-of-district Kansans completing the survey and compare results. It is also important to note that if the postcard recipient prefers a printed survey, one can be mailed at their request.

A new twist in this tool is the use of PURLs (Personalized URL) which allow you to create surveys and track responses by individual voter. For instance, my original online survey link was probably: www.stephaniesharp.com/2003survey, and that address would be the same on every postcard in every voter’s mailbox. Now, it is possible (and affordable) to send different surveys to each constituent, based on party registration or any other set of terms (age, gender, city, etc.), and the voter’s postcard would include a survey link just for them: www.stephaniesharp.com/Bob.Smith, which you would then be able to track and correlate data into your VoteSharp™ system. Seamless data collection makes your job easier. Call me for more information about any of these services, I look forward to working with you!

Fine Print
In order to use your printing allotment, you must print at the State Printing Office. However, you can mail at an offsite location in order to maximize bulk rate postage, and the state will reimburse you for your postage expenditure from your state postage allotment. Leadership and committee chairs, vice-chairs, and ranking members have higher allotments than rank-and-file members. PPS: In an election year, your allotment must be expended by Sine Die.

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