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I hope you are viewing this video as Part Deux of the VoteSharp™ tutorials. It is important to understand the basics of the program – the types of data you can maintain and how to manipulate it – to fully comprehend the possibilities of the VoteSharp™ app. This tutorial will show you how to micro and macro target voters, and how different types and sources of data can be incorporated into the application to maximize your reach, efficiency, and effectiveness as an elected official or candidate. Beware, I speak VERY fast in this tutorial, so hold on to your hats!

You may be wondering where you’ll find the time to transfer all your data? For data entry, I have recruited high school students who need volunteer hours for student activity requirements. They can enter email addresses, sent mail, and any other data you have compiled on the dozens of walk lists sitting in a box in your basement or garage… Don’t worry, I’m guilty of that, too.

It seems each client or prospect dreams up a new fun way to use the system and brainstorming with you has been one of my favorite experiences of launching VoteSharp™. You shouldn’t be knocking on doors or replying to emails blind. I want to make your job easier by aggregating great data about each voter all in one place that you can access anytime, anywhere, with any internet-capable device.

How will you use VoteSharp™? My hope is you will build genuine relationships with constituents – to understand and empathize makes you a better representative at any level of government. There are two fringe benefits of these relationships – they enhance your personal life and help you win elections.

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