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So often, elected officials talk above the heads of the electorate in an attempt to sound smart. In reality, this alienates voters and keeps them away from the polls. Sharp Connections creates constituent communication that boils complex political maneuvering and bureaucratic processes down to plain English.

Using email and postal newsletters, concise and personalized constituent response and targeted media relations builds trust with voters.

• Newsletters (electronic & postal) • Websites • Email database expansion • Constituent Response • Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn setup & management • Legislative text (testimony, explanations of vote, etc.)

Creating consistency in branding, messaging, and frequency builds your reputation and the likelihood of recalling your name at the ballot box. Tools like Facebook, Twitter, yard signs, and campaign literature produce lasting ties and accountability.

Whether it’s building relationships in communities across Kansas, finding the right printer and mailinghouse for your campaign literature, or blazing new trails in social media, my connections work for you.

• Campaign Strategy & Messaging • Surveys & Polling • Press Releases • Direct Mail & Walk Cards • Campaign paraphernalia (signs, shirts, giveaways)

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