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Your printing and postage allotment must be used by Sine Die in an election year. However, you should also take into consideration the time needed to print pieces before that date.

  • In order to use your printing allotment for this year, your piece must be submitted to Legislative Services by May 18, 2012, for printing at the State Printing Office.

There are a number of options to maximize voter engagement with this allotment. Printing must be done through the State Printing Office, but your postage allotment can be spent at an offsite printer:

  1. Postcard & online survey: I strongly encourage the use of postcards to draw voters to a survey on your website. You can touch many more voters for the cost of printing and mailing a postcard than with a snail-mail survey or newsletter. Online surveys also provide a great opportunity to collect email addresses and should allow you to be less dependent on the printing/postage allotment in future years.
  2. End-of-session newsletter: This is the traditional wrap-up newsletter, usually printed on 11 x 17 paper, in black-and-white or blue-and-white so you maximize print quantity.
  3. Snail-mail survey: Similar to the content of an online survey, a mailed survey would be 8 x 14” and include a self-addressed panel so the voter could return the answers directly back to you. You wouldn’t be able to print/mail as many pieces as the postcard option, but if your district leans more toward print media, it’s a good alternative.

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