Low voter turnout for midterm elections is a statistical trend that has now reached an all-time low, as stated in voter turnout data from the United States Election Project. Enter the drop-off voter, the gray area between the polar ends of consistent voters and nonvoters.

Drop-off voters generally turn out for general presidential elections but […]

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Where are the women? Crowded field for Kansas governor is one big men’s club

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Welcome back! I am very excited to announce the mobile version of the VoteSharp application is ready for door-to-door season! In the next few slides, I’ll walk through the options in each screen. This screen is pretty easy – log in to your account. When you subscribe to the app, I pair your login with […]

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Great Tool!

On April 30, 2012 By

If you don’t know your legislator, we don’t make it very easy to find out in Kansas. If you’re registered to vote, you can use the Kansas Secretary of State’s Voter Lookup tool, but what if you’re under 18 and want to contact your Representative about K-12 funding? This site only provides the […]

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Phase II Launch

On April 24, 2012 By

Another waiting game but I’ve learned that to provide the quality you need, expect, and deserve, takes a lot of editing and debugging time, as well as numerous versions of a project!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and it makes this tool even more valuable to your work […]

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