Translating Politics Into English

So often, elected officials talk above the heads of the electorate in an attempt to sound smart. In reality, this alienates voters and keeps them away from the polls. Sharp Connections creates constituent communication that boils complex political maneuvering and bureaucratic processes into to plain English.

Email and USPS newsletters, concise and personalized constituent response, and communications tracking tools are essential components of relationship-building that produce engaged leaders – and votes on Election Day.

  • Newsletters (electronic & postal)
  • Websites
  • Email database expansion
  • Constituent Response
  • Legislative text (testimony, explanations of vote, etc.)
  • Politics 101/Politics for Real People seminars:
    • Politics 101 targets laypersons who need a basic Civics tutorial about their elected representation and how to communicate effectively with them. Ideal for small businesses, non-profits, and boards who are also represented by a lobbyist but need to understand how to make better use of that resource.

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